Top 10 Machine Vision Solution Companies - 2017
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Top 10 Machine Vision Solution Companies - 2017

Technology is evolving at the pace of a skyrocket across domains and the machine vision industry is no exception. A relevant example is the latest introduction of the USB3 Vision standard that is powering the formulation of higher bandwidth, user-friendly plug-and-play solutions for imaging-based applications. Machine vision has already left its mark in the space of factory automation and is gingerly making its way into the fields of entertainment, security, healthcare, and agriculture with applications like wafer dicing, print inspection, molding flash detection, among others. As Industrial IoT (IIoT) gains traction in manufacturing, so does the use of vision technologies linking devices, robots, and humans. Vision guidance systems now pervade the industrial robotics arena owing to their increased accuracy. More so, 3D vision technologies are now being deployed to improve the level of automation in the production setting.

The introduction of CoaXPress (CXP)—an asymmetric, high-speed, serial communication standard—enables cameras to interface computers on applications which involve automated acquisition and analysis of images. Furthermore, the use of machine learning capabilities is all set to expand the machine vision sector into non-industrial niche applications—IP video surveillance, guided surgery, automated car systems, intelligent traffic systems and so on. At the same time, standardization of products is enabling users to combine and run vision systems while also offering balanced pricing for exchangeability of devices. Besides, the global upsurge of regulations is driving the pharmaceutical industry to install machine vision systems to ensure security, excellence, and traceability at every step of manufacturing, from drug synthesis to packaging.

Braced with the competence to reproduce multi-dimensional, invisible specifics down to the micron, machine vision now transcends the understatement of being a mere substitute for human vision and is instead recognized as a prime booster of quality and efficiency. However, due to the burgeoning of umpteen players in the market contributing to machine vision, determining the right partner with the ideal solution becomes a Herculean task for most enterprises.

To help CIOs negotiate this flourishing landscape, Manufacturing Technology Insights’ distinguished panel of selectors, comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts and the editorial board have enlisted the premier machine vision solution providers imparting best-of-breed solutions to facilitate the current needs of the industry. The listing offers a view regarding how these solutions are leveraged, thereby letting you gain a deep insight as to how they will optimize businesses. We present to you Manufacturing Technology Insights’ Top 10 Machine Vision Solution Providers 2017.

    Top Machine Vision Solution Companies

  • Designs, develops, manufactures and markets machine vision systems to guide, gauge, inspect, identify and assure the quality of items during the manufacturing process

  • Reimagining the imaging industry by deploying and developing state-of-the-art imaging systems

  • Designs and manufactures custom optical systems for a wide array of industries

  • Designs, engineers, fabricates, and assembles custom industrial automation machines and highly specialized machinery

  • Helps clients automate repetitive processes and quality control requirements to reduce costs of their products and processes

  • Perceptron [NASDAQ:PRCP]

    Perceptron [NASDAQ:PRCP]

    Develops, produces and sells automated industrial metrology products such as 3D machine vision solutions, robot guidance systems, laser scanners and advanced analysis software

  • Microscan Systems

    Microscan Systems

    Provider of precision data acquisition and control solutions, including high-performance barcode readers, barcode verifiers and machine vision inspection cameras and software

  • National Instruments

    National Instruments

    Supplier of vision systems, smart cameras, frame grabbers, and vision interfaces designed assembly verification, object tracking and vision-guided robotics

  • Teledyne Scientific & Imaging

    Teledyne Scientific & Imaging

    Provider of high performance imaging systems such as infrared & visible sensors, Read-Out Integrated Circuits, IR scientific and tactical cameras, camera electronics with advanced algorithms, and laser eye and sensor protection devices

  • Texas Instruments Incorporated

    Texas Instruments Incorporated

    Offers solutions to help solve challenges when designing barcode readers in factory automation and logistics for a faster camera time to market