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Top 10 Machine Vision Consulting/Services Companies - 2020

In the manufacturing industry, machine vision has been incorporated to develop industrial processes further, identify areas of improvement, and enable intelligent locomotion within robotics. Plant operators can mount cameras on production lines or cells for real-time process control, product inspection and sorting, and robot guidance, among other processes. However, more recently, with advancements in AI and increased computation power coupled with advances in algorithm development, machine vision has taken on a new avatar in the form of deep learning-based inspection systems. These systems are easy to train and teach and reduce the integration complexity when it comes to “teaching” the machines on what to look for.

Machine vision is central to the idea of the smart factory, which is based on a self-organized system consisting of a communication network and intelligent exchange of information. Acting as the eyes of the factory, machine-vision based image-processing systems can compute information that was previously obtained by manual testing. This reduces human error and enables robots to react flexibly to information for production control. Furthermore, the technology can even be utilized to examine the state of production machines for wear and tear. This information can be used for maintenance and alert a plant manager of the need to order a replacement component before it breaks.

Besides, there has been a lot of hype about deep learning in machine vision, which uses convolutional neural networks (CNNs) to carry out classification tasks by identifying characteristics learned from a set of training images. However, the challenge remains that in industrial applications, the number of available training images is limited while the tools, training time and processor resources remain high.

Highlighting these developments in the manufacturing space, Manufacturing Technology Insights has compiled a list of leading machine vision management firms that are at the top of their game. The enlisted organizations are addressing manufacturing challenges and transforming the associated operations and processes at the convergence of several disruptive technologies. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for the aspiring CXOs.

We present to you Manufacturing Technology Insights’ “Top 10 Machine Vision Consulting/ Service Companies – 2020.”

    Top Machine Vision Consulting/Services Companies

  • Northern Precision Products (NPP) is a MI-based precision manufacturer of high-quality CNC and screw machine parts, that is committed to helping its clients eliminate their component supply headaches so they can focus on building and growing their OEM relationships. NPP specializes in precision machined components in brass, steel, aluminum and stainless steel for the automotive and other industries. NPP’s IATF-certified quality system and focus on continuous improvement leaves no room for error; all of their products come with a “zero-defect guarantee”

  • PROD Design & Analysis

    PROD Design & Analysis

    PROD Design & Analysis, Inc., was founded in 2004 to service the industrial needs of the border region. With a focus on engineering solutions, the company now provides equipment across the globe servicing a wide segment of end customer applications. The success of the company can be attributed to the innovative solutions provided to our customers, ensuring that final product quality is achieved with minimal operator dependency, elimination of human error, improving cycle through put, and ensuring that technical solutions are readily maintained. Our success record is a testament to the value added solutions provided by our experienced staff

  • AUT Solutions

    AUT Solutions

    AUT Solutions manufactures automated and manual scanning equipment used for industrial inspection including ultrasonic flaw detectors, laser profilometry systems and NDT UT accessories. We also produce many accessories for the NDT and UT industry including calibration blocks, ultrasonic preamplifiers, transducers for C-Scan, TOFD, HTHA, phased array and triplex

  • Infrared Thermal Imaging

    Infrared Thermal Imaging

    Infrared Thermal Imaging, Inc. is a full service on-site provider of infrared inspection services for petro-chemical, manufacturing, offshore drilling, shipping, commercial building, construction and residential clients. With service centers located in Corpus Christi and Houston, TX, ITI provides services throughout the United states and internationally. Applications include infrared testing and inspection of your electrical distribution system, fired equipment. heat exchangers, missing or damaged refractory or insulation layers, VOC (Volatile organic compounds) detection, interface levels in storage tanks, and process issues such as plugged lines or uneven flow just to name a few

  • Inspec


    Inspec Inc. is your single source for Coordinate Measuring Machines, calibration, layout, inspection and measurement services. We provide parts, service, sales and support for Metrology Equipment. We also provide cost competitive, highest quality metrology services and equipment, along with machine tool certification, CMM part programming and complete gage and hand tool services

  • LMI Technologies

    LMI Technologies

    As the global leader in 3D scanning and inspection, LMI Technologies works to advance quality and productivity with 3D sensor technology. Our award-winning, FactorySmart® laser, snapshot, and line confocal sensors improve the quality and efficiency of factory production by providing fast, accurate, reliable inspection solutions that leverage smart 3D technologies. Unlike contact based measurement or 2D vision, our non-contact solutions add 3D shape information that is critical to achieving 100% quality control

  • ONYX Engineering

    ONYX Engineering

    We are systems integrators. Onyx Engineering’s role as control systems integrators is to engineer, fabricate, and implement solutions. Our top down approach is to first understand the internal processes, requirements and the challenges in any project. We then examine the goals to be achieved then put together a plan in place and execute it. We leverage our experience. Onyx Engineering is able to not only engineer systems and code the latest controllers, but we can properly leverage the technologies available to give the best results. We give peace of mind. You can trust that an Onyx Engineering project will be backed up with an engineering, fabrication, and service plan that is well thought out and well executed. We believe that the customer’s success is ultimately our success

  • Quartus Engineering

    Quartus Engineering

    Quartus Engineering specializes in system design & development, simulation & analysis, testing, prototyping and manufacturing of mechanical systems for a wide-range of industries and are experts in simulation-driven engineering. We are a complete engineering solution provider from concept, prototype through low volume or complex production. We design for manufacturability and transition to high volumes with ease with Quartus as your guide. Quartus has depth and broad range of industry and product experience that includes: Civil/Space, Defense, Aircraft/Transportation, Consumer Products, Optics & Photonics and Medical/Life Science. Quartus is focused on game changing applications like remote sensing, metrology, thermal, LiDAR, use of novel materials and other innovative technologies and measurement approaches that span multiple industries and are faced with extreme environments and other complex engineering challenges

  • Tryolabs


    Tryolabs is a machine learning consulting shop that helps companies build custom solutions that drive outstanding results. By leveraging multiple types of data, we solve complex problems, tailored to individual business cases. We complement this with backend, frontend and IoT development for a full-fledged solution

  • Valley Automation

    Valley Automation

    Valley Automation, Inc., is a technology solutions firm with offices in Luray and Harrisonburg, Va. In business since 2006, Valley Automation provides systems integration and technical support to companies throughout the region. Valley Automation is a SWaM Certified Business in the State of Virginia to include Women Owned Small Business, Economically Disadvantaged Women Owned Small Business and HUBZone Certified Business Concern