Top 10 Machine Vision Consulting/Services Companies - 2019
 The Next Generation of Visual Inspection Tools

Top 10 Machine Vision Consulting/Services Companies - 2019

Machine vision technologies are singlehandedly creating waves of change in the global manufacturing landscape. Owing to its abilities that promise a significant improvement in production qualities and efficacies, the industry is receiving numerous investments from many external parties. To help manufacturers meet and exceed market demands in today’s highly competitive world, manufacturing technology solution providers have begun to develop machine vision systems all over the globe.

At the same time, selecting, adopting, implementing, and understanding a machine vision system with state-of-the-art optical technologies can get difficult for long-established manufacturers. For this reason, to help organizations best leverage the advantages of machine vision software in the market, Manufacturing Technology Insights has compiled a list of

industry leading solutions and services companies that best understand the complexities of the industry technology and guide manufacturers toward profitable outcomes.

With several innovative technological capabilities and success stories up their sleeves, these companies are constantly proving their mettle in the field of machine vision technology. We hope this edition of Manufacturing Technology Insights helps you build partnerships that you and your firm require in order to foster new technologies that motivate organizations to better drive innovation throughout the industry.

We present to you Manufacturing Technology Insights’ “Top 10 Machine Vision Consulting/Services Companies – 2019.”

    Top Machine Vision Consulting Companies

  • The firm develops and implements state-of-the-art PC and PLC-based control systems

  • ScanCAD offers all the needed services to complete the total re-engineering of a populated PCBA all the way back to Netlist & schematics. ScanCAD products combine a dynamic blend of process management & control, automatic optical inspection & measurement, work instruction, and manufacturing execution software (MES) that allows for the dissemination and collection of Manufacturing Intelligence (MI) on the shop floor. Since 1990, over 1,000 customers in 47 countries have utilized ScanCAD's robust family of low cost, flat-bed scanner-based tools. ScanCAD products are available globally through a variety of distribution channels, including local manufacturer representatives & distributors

  • Vista Solutions is a solution developer as well as a one-stop-shop service provider of turnkey vision inspection solutions to a diverse client base spanning automotive, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, consumer products, military, and metal casting. Established in 2003, it is a vendor agnostic company, which provides unbiased recommendations to manufacturers to solve their inspection challenges. Its subject matter experts armed with the knowledge base of different technologies in the marketplace provide the knowhow to successfully develop and implement machine vision systems

  • Allied Vision

    Allied Vision

    Allied Vision delivers camera solutions for industrial inspection, medical and scientific imaging, traffic monitoring, and many more applications. Still, they understand that every project is unique and has its technical challenges. The company believes knowledge is power and always strives to deliver valuable insight with their technology and expertise. Raising production standards, detecting disease faster, or simply knowing who crossed the finish line first, Allied Vision knows that precision and truth are vital factors in every situation. The company provides tailored solutions to the customer’s individual needs and provides support where it matters

  • Imaging Tech Solutions

    Imaging Tech Solutions

    Imaging Tech Solutions (ITS) offers imaging and vision technologies across all wavelengths, from visible to infrared. Founded in 2016, the company’s line of business includes the wholesale distribution of photographic equipment and supplies. ITS utilizes their 35 plus years of experience working with top-level clients and government agencies to assist in efficiently matching the best balance of technology and value available within the Vision and Imaging industry. ITS has been the partner of choice for many organizations looking to speed up and optimize the selection, testing, and customization process

  • Integro Technologies

    Integro Technologies

    Integro Technologies is a premier vision integrator and machine vision inspection company providing superior vision inspection solutions for challenging applications. The company designs and develops custom machine vision inspection solutions utilizing a range of components from high resolution cameras, optical & illumination systems, material handling, robotics, and 3D vision system applications for automated quality control checks, 3D surface inspection, defect detection, classification, gauging, batch sorting, VGR, ID, optical character recognition, and more. Integro has a customer-centric approach to projects and has dedicated teams and resources from project management, design, assembly, installation, training, and post-installation support and service

  • Omron Microscan

    Omron Microscan

    Omron Microscan is a technology leader focused on precision data acquisition and control solutions, including high-performance barcode readers, verifiers and standards-based verification software, and machine vision inspection cameras and software. From personal electronics to clinical instruments to packaged goods, Microscan solutions enable critical production-level applications such as product identification, traceability, quality control, work-in-process monitoring, guiding the movement of goods, sortation, and lot tracking. The company helps manufacturers around the world drive down cost and waste, automate the critical manufacturing process, and increase yields. Omron Microsan’s products serve a wide range of automation and OEM markets offering advantages inflexible, miniaturized designs for easy installation into turnkey machines

  • VAIA Technologies

    VAIA Technologies

    VAIA Technologies is a leading US provider of automated inspection solutions for customers looking to make dramatic improvements in product and process quality and reliability. VAIA is differentiated within the Machine Vision industry by extensive in-house software development and engineering expertise. The company’s systems have been successfully deployed nationwide and internationally to over 500 clients, including many Fortune 500 clients. VAIA Technologies specializes in conceptualizing, designing, installing, and maintaining solutions that address the most difficult challenges. In addition to being a leading US-based Cognex Partner System Integrator (PSI), the company has years of experience integrating technology with partners such as Keyence, Halcon, Allen Bradley, Fanuc Robotics, and more

  • VELO3D


    VELO3D helps leading technology manufacturers to produce applications previously considered impossible. VELO3D addresses the most challenging additive manufacturing challenges by delivering a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that takes additive manufacturing capabilities far beyond today’s standard. With the VELO3D Sapphire production printer and Flow print preparation software, they have the means to change the industry and accelerate the adoption of metal 3D printing. The company is focused on giving engineers the ability to print any design opening the way for new, higher-performing solutions. The 3D printing company is focused on driving adoption of the ability to print impossible parts, paving the way for new, higher-performing 3D metal printing solutions

  • Viper Imaging

    Viper Imaging

    Viper Imaging is a leading supplier of FLIR-based thermal imaging systems and industrial process monitoring equipment, and the company provides integration of complete system solutions for industry. Founded in 2014, the company offers a continuous, accurate, and reliable solution for process monitoring and fault detection. Viper Imaging’s proven systems and software have been installed in a variety of industrial applications for metals, oil and gas, energy production and distribution, and industrial automation. Integration of Viper Imaging systems provides measurable results in increased production, improved reliability, and safety records