Ponfac: Delivering Innovation through Image Processing Technology

Ponfac: Delivering Innovation through Image Processing Technology

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Moisés Pontremoli, CEO & founder, PonfacMoisés Pontremoli, CEO & Founder
The rapid advancement in technology is bringing a fresh wave of changes to the manufacturing sector. Companies that fail to innovate their solutions and products in tune to these developments will face the risk of losing market share and profits. Headquartered in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Ponfac is ideally positioned to guide manufacturers through this sea-change. “We deliver state of the art solutions that bring innovations for the customers and ultimately steer them ahead in the ever-crowed manufacturing space,” says Moisés Pontremoli, the CEO and founder of Ponfac.

With an exclusive focus on the image processing technology, Ponfac’s system captures images with cameras specially designed for the Machine Vision Systems to precisely carry out visual inspection.

The system automates the end-to-end processes involved in visual inspection. It uses video cameras to capture images of production lines and through a pre-defined intelligence, check whether the requirements are in accordance with the configurations established by the client. Ponfac’s underlying technology can inspect a variety of parameters, such as identification of standards, dimensions, defects, nonconformities, count, and other visible characteristics through photographic images. This helps clients in identifying, and avoiding the faulty points and defects, and selecting the impeccable parts in the manufacturing processes. The solution can control the process and direct altered parts to trays, according to the standards of classification, or for rejection.

This complete range of artificial vision and proprietary technology-infused solutions for automated visual inspection systems helps manufacturers automate quality control and repetitive processes. “It ultimately results in quality improvement and cost reduction of products and processes,” says Pontremoli.

Ponfac’s truly scalable, specialized, and innovative products find use cases across different areas, including establishing process control, reducing retail and logistics losses, and enhancing smart city initiatives.

We deliver state of the art solutions that bring innovations for the customers and ultimately steer them ahead in the ever-crowed manufacturing space

The company often develops its solutions in conjunction with its customers. The first step of every innovation consists of a four-handed operation between the customer and Ponfac professionals. The result is what Ponfac calls the functional and operational specification (FOS), which allows the customer to obtain the best of Ponfac’s technology. FOS helps the participants to better understand the process and needs of the clients and end-customers. “The result is an innovation that adheres to the real need of the market, with faster acceptance and market penetration,” adds Pontremoli.

While building the solution, Ponfac allows customers to leverage different machine vision functionalities in a customized manner to meet their specific needs. “The ultimate solution will not only have lower cost and higher accuracy but also the specific features that better support client’s manufacturing processes,” mentions Pontremoli.

A key differentiating factor for Ponfac is its multidisciplinary team that can understand and specify FOS and deliver innovation. “Our multidisciplinary team of highly skilled professionals receives ongoing training to develop innovative solutions,” states Pontremoli. The company also facilitates direct contact between the clients and specialists. As a result, the degree of satisfaction with Ponfac machine vision solutions is superior compared to other players in the market. Another unique aspect of Ponfac is the partnerships they have cultivated with major vision system hardware vendors in the global market.

Having carved a unique niche through their solution, Ponfac’s development team is focused on two important innovations for the future. The first one is to popularize XReader, the company’s newest image processing solution that is already being marketed by the Swedish company Gunnebo, a major player in the retail loss reduction market. Secondly, Ponfac has developed a solution in collaboration with Cisco, through the Cisco Innovation Center. The solution will allow customers to integrate Cisco’s quality equipment with Ponfac’s image processing technology to obtain information about the quantity and location of their products, especially in large, open yards.

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Porto Alegre, Brazil

Moisés Pontremoli, CEO & Founder

Ponfac, with its more than 20 years of experience in the development of vision system, is ideally poised to steer manufacturers through this sea change. Leveraging a complete range of artificial vision and proprietary technology-infused solutions for developing automated visual inspection systems, the company helps manufacturing organizations automate quality control and repetitive processes and provides improvements in quality and reduced cost of products and processes