Ponfac: Augmenting Manufacturing Excellence

Ponfac: Augmenting Manufacturing Excellence

Moisés Pontremoli, CEO & Founder, PonfacMoisés Pontremoli, CEO & Founder
The manufacturing industry has been one of the first to experience the disruptive changes brought about by the global-scale technological advancements. Although manufacturers have encountered massive losses in market share, production, and sales as a repercussion, Moisés Pontremoli, the CEO and founder of Ponfac believes that the industry can use this disruption as an opportunity to innovate and evolve in the realm of visual inspection. In line with his belief, Ponfac, with its more than 20 years of experience in the development of vision system, is ideally poised to steer manufacturers through this sea change. Leveraging a complete range of artificial vision and proprietary technology-infused solutions for developing automated visual inspection systems, the company helps manufacturing organizations automate quality control and repetitive processes and provides improvements in quality and reduced cost of products and processes.

Ponfac develops truly scalable, specialized, and innovative products primarily aimed at process control, reduction in retail and logistics losses, and various smart city initiatives. At the core, the company’s in-depth industry expertise, a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified and constantly trained professionals, and a wide range of vision system products powered by artificial intelligence work cohesively to help clients procure technology,generate ROI, and achieve competitive advantage. In order to stay ahead in the innovation game, Ponfac invests heavily in vertical actuation technology, while working with professionals and highly qualified partners from industries ranging from agriculture, food, assembly lines, access control in cities, port networks,and retail, among others. The company’s strong relationships with the global industry leaders provide them with an edge in faster and simplified product development along with the assurance of highest quality.

With the full understanding of the capabilities and limitations of machine vision technology, Ponfac offers the best-suited solution to match the operational issues of clients.

The lack of human intervention in parts inspection makes the entire manufacturing process safe, accurate, and of high quality, all in realtime

Pontremoli underscores the inner workings of their systems, which consists of software that captures images from the camera, and through a pre-defined intelligence, checks the necessary information according to the customer’s needs. Ponfac’s technology then inspects a variety of parameters, such as identification of standards, dimensions, defects, nonconformities, count, and other visible characteristics through photographic images. This helps clients in identifying and avoiding the fault points and defects and selecting the impeccable parts. “The lack of human intervention in parts inspection makes the entire manufacturing process safe, accurate, and of high quality, all in real-time,” adds Pontremoli.

While elucidating further the capabilities of Ponfac, Pontremoli sheds light on a customer success story. One of Ponfac’s multinational clients in the retail sector, Gunnebo, embraced Ponfac’s technology to drive their expansion plans with innovation within their existing business model. Since the aim of the retail chain was to expand its market share and reduce losses, which also aligns with Ponfac’s vision for their clients, the companies developed a system in collaboration that helped the client successfully expand its market by reducing losses in the supermarket checkouts. What makes Ponfac unique is the full achievement of the solution proposed, besides a great customer relationship. “With more than 20 years in the market, Ponfac has been winning its customers with the service quality,” adds Pontremoli. Ponfac offers a service called ‘Ponfac Care’ where it provides remote and onsite support, software update, and a half-yearly certificate of the system efficiency index. Clients can renew this service annually and receive a certificate of efficiency of the system, ensuring that their vision systems are always functioning with great performance.

Having achieved excellence in providing high-quality systems and customer satisfaction in Brazil, Ponfac aims to expand into global markets.

The company already starting its presence in the Europe by making a market study and looking for new partners and also envisions a steady trajectory of growth without losing its core values of commitment, loyalty, and constant innovation.