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Indicon: Machine-Vision in Production Environment for Quality Control

Brian VanderPryt, Manager, Machine Vision Group, IndiconBrian VanderPryt, Manager, Machine Vision Group
Founded in 1992, Indicon—a developer and integrator of state-of-the-art PC and PLC-based control systems—has emerged as a leading controls engineering firm as well as one of the largest and most technologically advanced UL Panel Builders in North America. “We have more than 90 engineers, 200 technicians, and 150,000 square feet of Control Panel Fabrication space throughout North America. Also, we maintain four different engineering groups: conveyor, tooling, process, and vision provide our clients with best-in-class control systems,” says Brian VanderPryt, Manager, Machine Vision Group at Indicon.

Focused on helping clients overcome quality control concerns, Indicon has been implementing highly advanced vision inspection systems in manufacturing environments since 2001. “Our vision & special projects group works on systems or technologies that go beyond the traditional PLC programming and hardware design, with a heavy focus on machine vision. We also specialize in vision-guided robotics, traceability systems (marking and reading) and quality assurance systems,” says VanderPryt. Furthermore, working in liaison with major machine vision software and hardware providers, Indicon has become capable of serving clients better with cutting-edge technology. For instance, the company has been working closely with Cognex, a global player in industrial machine vision, to deploy deep-learning vision inspection systems using over 50 cameras per system. It can inspect and classify hundreds of items on over $100 million of production vehicles per day, at multiple customer facilities.

Apart from making clients acquainted with advanced technology, the company also provides customized training and onsite support. “We provide customized training with a focus on giving the client the ability to understand and support complex applications in a way that translates to the factory floor”, VanderPryt states.

Our vision & special projects group works on systems or technologies that go beyond the traditional PLC programming and hardware design, with a heavy focus on machine vision

Another popular Indicon service offering is their remote monitoring feature that is available on all of their Vision Systems. This service allows their clients to have instantaneous support for any issues that may arise during their production process. Whether it’s a camera that has been knocked out of alignment, a light bulb burning out, or communication with the customer’s upper level system going down, Indicon’s remote access service allows their engineers to diagnose any issue within minutes.

With such capabilities to accommodate complex projects with reduced cost, enhanced flexibility, and unparalleled quality assurance, Indicon has carved a niche in the system integration and engineering space while gleaning a legion of clients. In one instance, the company designed and integrated an End-of-Line vision inspection system for one of its clients from the automotive sector. With more than 50 cameras, this system helped in inspecting all the external elements on a vehicle, including door handles, mirrors, badges, wheels, and many others. Currently, Indicon inspects every automobile that the client manufactures in North America. “We have been able to use our experience with deep learning and artificial intelligence to expand the capabilities of these systems and solve certain application problems that were not previously possible,” VanderPryt comments.

By combining its extensive experience in the field with its expertise in groundbreaking technological advancements like machine vision, AI and deep learning, the company provides superior systems, support, and service to its clients worldwide. VanderPryt says, “Deep learning software has been a game-changer for us. Today, many world-class manufacturers contact us directly to automate, measure, and inspect their most critical processes.”

Striding ahead, Indicon has plans to bolster its presence by growing the existing client base and developing cutting edge solutions for their complex applications. “We envision gravitating toward more complicated problems so that our internal teams will be able to hone their capabilities further,” concludes VanderPryt.

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Brian VanderPryt, Manager, Machine Vision Group

The firm develops and implements state-of-the-art PC and PLC-based control systems